Saturday, July 14, 2007

bunnies need not be cute to be cool

If someone mentioned a website named Silly Pink Bunnies, what would you picture? Something sweet and frilly and girly, right? Well, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. And that's ok. Because the dreamy-freaky bunnies artist that Jeremy Fish fishes up for funky webshopUmbrella Market are oddly lovable, too.

every rabbit has its (big) day

Much-loved bunny and literary figure The Velveteen Rabbit has found a special place in one couple's life: they're using a passage from the story as reading in their wedding ceremony. How awesome! I myself would love to reference Rabbit -- but then I'd have to acknowledge all of his friends-and-relations, and we all know how much time *that'

"I am not a mexican jumping bean. I am not a..."

If you're the proud owner of a house rabbit, you know that each bunny comes with her own bag of tricks. And by "tricks" I mean wildly destructive behaviors that test your patience daily. (It's ok - there are support groups for you. One of them is called "Hopscotch".) If you've ever wanted to punish your bad bun by making her write lines on the chalkboard (i.e., "The broom is not my lambada partner"), we've found just the resource. Just pick your bad behavior category:
Annoying/Embarrasing Habits
Bathroom Misbehavior
Bodily Functions
Human Related
Mess Making
Misuse/Misappropriation of Items
"Not All There"
Other Critters
Vets, Illness, and Medicine

Thursday, July 12, 2007

bunny blog find: bunny along

Blogger sister site Bunny Along is a community-based blog for lovers of buns and knitting. It's devoted to images and tutorials of homemade and homestitched rabbits. Very niche! Very cute! We like niche and cute! My particular favorite post is the Dust Bunny Pattern (follow the link given for instructions). Of course, it's no good to me, since I'm useless with my paws. Unless it's for peeling carrots, of course.

greyhound racing: bad business for bunnies

Remember when I said Hopscotch is not a political blog? Ok, maybe I lied a little bit. Because there will be some strong opinions expressed here from time to time. Such as this one: you'd have to be an ass-backwards cretin to think greyhound racing is an acceptible form of entertainment. I'm not even going to get started on the ridiculous cruelty to the dogs themselves. I'm just going to point to the horrific collateral damage of the industry: rabbits. It's estmated that for every one of the 17,000 greyhounds registered each year, at least five small animals (usually bunnies) are killed in training them. Horrific. If you're unaware of just how bad it is, click here,here, or here to read up on it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

welcome, commenters!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Yes, the hour is late and I must work early. And yes, that makes any sort of enthusiasm wildly inappropriate. But oh boy oh boy! It's a momentous occasion! HOPSCOTCH HAS HAD ITS FIRST COMMENT POSTED! Two, in fact! In one night! I couldn't be more thrilled. I knew there were readers out there somewhere, if I just drugged them and dragged them in. To celebrate, a real rab from Bunny Lovers Unite:

the cabbit controversy

I love mythical creatures as much as the next sci-fi geek/Potter fan. But I know where to draw the line between wanting to believe, and really believing. You can't cross a horse with a man, or a lion with an eagle. And you can't, for Pete's sake, cross a rabbit with a cat. Yet some silly types have blown up this myth so effectively, it takes an epic de-mythification to disprove it.

Just say "no" to freaky hybrids.

yeah, yeah; so what if it's july?

Don't you just love when you're shopping online and suddenly the phrase, "You might also like these" pops up? How do they know? Mind-reading fairies floating in my wifi connection? Whatever, I give in. You're right, Mau Studio, I totally dig these snow bunny cell phone charms. I'll take seven. (Yes, I only have one phone; what of it?)

write cute

Since I completely freaked everyone out by posting the weirdness of two animated male bunnies in flagrante delicto yesterday, let's go for cute again today. Maybe a stationery set with notecards, envelopes, stickers, and matching button? This, along with other bunny sweetness, can be found at Circle Circle Dot Dot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

fun day monday

I debated with myself a good long time about which screen shot to use for this post before realizing, hey, I can use them both! Anyway, unless you're a humorous mongoloid living in a) a cave or b) a Puritan settlement, you've just gotta check out this mini bunnies do Borat video. And if that doesn't satisfy your need to see animated reenactments of popular films as done by bunnies, there's a whole host of 'em here. Good luck getting any work done today!

I know, I know. I ought not post things of this nature here. Tsk tsk on me.

Monday, July 9, 2007

be lazy, be entertained

tragdy of the bunnies
It's Sunday. You needn't do anything constructive. Lolling lazily about the house is religion and government-sanctioned, not to mention highly recommended by Hopscotch. But when your brain craves a bit of action, check out the addictive, politically tinted game Tragedy of the Bunnies.