Saturday, July 14, 2007

"I am not a mexican jumping bean. I am not a..."

If you're the proud owner of a house rabbit, you know that each bunny comes with her own bag of tricks. And by "tricks" I mean wildly destructive behaviors that test your patience daily. (It's ok - there are support groups for you. One of them is called "Hopscotch".) If you've ever wanted to punish your bad bun by making her write lines on the chalkboard (i.e., "The broom is not my lambada partner"), we've found just the resource. Just pick your bad behavior category:
Annoying/Embarrasing Habits
Bathroom Misbehavior
Bodily Functions
Human Related
Mess Making
Misuse/Misappropriation of Items
"Not All There"
Other Critters
Vets, Illness, and Medicine

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